Join one of the most exclusive clubs in the world – private equity fund manager


Can you meet the $1.95 million startup cash requirement?*

The Ultimate Exclusive
Business Opportunity – a $100 million Private Equity Fund

Until now starting a private equity has been available only to a very select few. For the first time ever a turnkey system is available for qualified individuals to start a private equity fund to acquire private companies to take public.

Success story: two partners started with a loan of $5 million. Twenty years later they manage over $100 billion.

Reasons to Start a Private Equity Fund

Private equity fund managers are some of the richest people in the world. They use other people’s capital to acquire companies, increase performance of portfolio companies, and either sell the companies or take them public in an IPO. The result can be massive wealth.

Turn Key Program

We do all the work to structure the fund. We provide a complete management system for clients and we handle all fundraising for the private equity fund. We also have access to world-class executives to join the private equity fund to help ensure its success.

Startup Capital Requirements

+ Cash requirement is $1.95 million to raise a $50 million to $100 million fund.
+ Return of startup capital in less than one year is possible.

Who Qualifies

Almost anyone who can meet the capital requirements qualifies for our turnkey system. Clients can work from anywhere in the world. No special degrees or experience is required.