Immigration Program

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Vasari Capital Chinese Immigration Program The Vasari Capital immigration program is established for high net worth Chinese individuals who own businesses or are executives seeking to immigrate to the United States and obtain a green card within a 2 to 3 year period. We offer an alternative to the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.
Throughout the last 15 years the EB-5 Program has been used extensively by Chinese nationals. But recently the United States Congress has begun to review the EB-5 Program because of widespread abuse. Legal experts believe that the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program will undergo major policy changes making it extremely difficult for Chinese nationals to immigrate to the United States using the EB-5 Program. Furthermore, 2016 is a presidential election year and a new president could completely change the EB-5 Program with unpredictable results.
EB-5 Alternative
Vasari Capital offers an alternative to the EB-5 Program. Some of the most important points of our program include: • Fast Approval. Our lawyers have a 100% success rate with L-1 visas. It is possible to obtain approval to relocate to the United States within two weeks to three months. Applicant family members can obtain work permits and attend US schools. The L-1 visa can be valid for up to 7 years. • Turnkey Set-up. The Vasari Capital team handles all paperwork, filing with the US Immigration Service, and provides an experienced immigration lawyer to represent each client. We also establish a moneymaking business for clients that they will own and control. We provide ongoing support until a client obtains his green card. • Investment Requirement. Our program requires an investment of from $1.3 million to $1.5 million paid as follows: $50,000 with application followed by $700,000 with approval of L-1 immigration papers and from $550,000-$750,000 in the second year. All funds will be held in an interest-bearing escrow account. • Investment Control and Return of Investment and Fees. Clients have complete control over their money. Unlike the EB-5 program where Chinese applicants have no control over the investment they make with a promoter, our program offers our clients complete control over all decision-making, expenses, strategy, and other important issues. We estimate that clients will receive their original investment and fees returned in 3- 5 years. • Assistance with Housing. Our real estate experts can provide full assistance with finding the best home to purchase in California. • Free to Travel. Once arriving in the United States, applicants are free to travel back to China and return to the United States without restriction.
Green Card
It is possible to apply for a green card in one to two years of arriving in the United States. Applicants may receive their permanent resident card in approximately two to three years after arriving in the United States. Key Client Requirements • Must either own a business in China or work as an executive for a Chinese company. • Client must have from $1.3 million to $1.5 million available to transfer to a US bank. • Be available to play a role an executive role in the management of the US business. Client Acceptance Vasari Capital accepts very few new clients. Each potential client must meet our acceptance criteria. About Vasari Capital Vasari is an investment banking and the financial adviser of choice to corporations, State-Owned Enterprises, and private firms throughout China. Our clients are leaders of Chinese business and government and they rely on Vasari Capital to acquire American companies, technology and assets. We advise on strategy, timing, structure, financing, pricing, and we assist in negotiating and closing transactions in industries that are important to our Chinese clients.