About Vasari Capital

We are focused on being a significant financier and provider of asset-based financing services, which, in turn, enables our clients to achieve their strategic goals.

Who we are

Vasari Capital is a global financier who helps clients of all types achieve their liquidity goals.

What We Do

Vasari Capital offers financing solutions for corporations, partnerships, governments, institutions, and individuals. From oil and gas and power generation plants to aircraft and shipping assets, Vasari Capitalhelpsclients take control of theirfinancial security.

What we offer

Vasari Capital is designed to deliver customized senior debt financing solutions to publicly traded and privately-owned businesses globally.

We create debt financing solutions that are ‘tailor-made’ to the specific requirements of clients. We structure financings to meet a very broad range of needs faced by a client, including buyouts, business expansion, acquisitions, refinancing and recapitalizations.

How We Operate

Vasari is an independent firm, free of many of the conflicts that can arise at financial institutions.

We operate as a private firm that maintains the confidentiality and privacy of our clients.

With senior bankers leading every assignment from start to finish, our clients benefit from our depth of experience and specialist expertise. We continually invest in and renew the intellectual capital needed to advise clients on complex assignments.

Our People

Our financial team is led by Michael Megarit with over 25 years of experience.
Mr. Megarit has in-depth experience managing domestic and cross-border transactions.

We staff our assignments with a team of quality professionals with appropriate industry expertise. We pride ourselves on, and we believe we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being able to offer a relatively high level of attention from senior personnel to our clients and organizing ourselves in such a way that managing directors who are responsible for securing and maintaining client relationships also actively participate in providing related transaction execution services. Our managing directors have significant experience, and many of them are able to use this experience to advise on a wide range of industry and asset categories and corporate finance matters, depending on our clients’ needs. Many of our managing directors and senior advisors come from diverse backgrounds, such as senior executive positions at corporations, government, law and strategic consulting, which we believe enhances our ability to offer sophisticated advice and custom solutions to our clients.