Vasari Capital is originating well-secured commercial loans worldwide.

$20 million minimum

Senior debt secured by tangible assets including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Real Estate
  • Power Generation
  • Manufacturing
  • Loan Portfolios
  • Aircraft
  • Shipping
  • Natural Resources
  • Other Tangible Assets
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What We Do

An asset-based solution that enables you to capitalize on growth opportunities, refinance existing credit, and meet liquidity requirements. Our resources scale to the size and complexity of your company’s financing needs.
Asset Based Financing Solutions

For clients with asset-rich balance sheets, Vasari Capital offers an alternative to traditional lending and commercial banks. We originate loans that are well secured by tangible assets and can offer quick decisions and rapid transaction completion.

Cross-Border Capabilities

We provide debt financing solutions in markets throughout the world including the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Speed and Efficiency

We deliver a fast and streamlined transaction process. Our objective is to help our clients realize their financial objectives as quick and efficiently as possible.

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As an experienced financier, Vasari Capital seeks to leverage our global team of highly­ experienced investment professionals. Our approach is to assess each asset based loan proposal using our robust, collaborative decision-making process.

Our focus on evaluating the underlying value of tangible assets allows us to provide creative solutions for clients. We are dedicated to providing financing solutions for transactions greater than $20 million. These financings could be used to finance ongoing operations, finance asset purchases, merger and acquisition transactions, or other purposes requiring liquidity.

Experienced Team

We have a highly skilled team of investing professionals with expertise in asset-based financeand multiple credit cycles, which allows us to develop creative financing solutions unique to other potential financing sources.

Specialty Finance Focus

Our deep understanding and knowledge of underlying financial assets allows us to continue to provide financing opportunities to clients.

Client Relationship

We create a strong, lasting relationship with clients as we understand the fundamentals of their businesses which not only allows us to grow with them, but also allows us to quickly identify potential problems and manage them effectively.

Investment Size/Term/Rate

Senior debt secured by tangible assets including:

Greater than $20 million

  • Typically two to four years
  • Rate is risk dependent, but market competitive

Investment Structure

  • All loans denominated in United States dollars
  • Senior, secured, first lien debt against tangible assets typically in a special purpose vehicle
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