What We Do – Vasari Capital

Project Criteria

The Firm accepts energy projects that meet the following criteria:
  • Experienced developers;
  • Project is within three months of NTP;
  • EPC contract has not been signed;
  • Vasari Capital will use its own EPC contractor;
  • Grid connection agreement signed or will be signed within 60 days; and
  • Power purchase agreement signed by investment-grade offtaker or automatic feed in tariff available.

Versatile Transaction Structuring

Our management team has broad expertise in structuring project finance transactions at all stages of the economic cycle. Vasari Capital is not subject to the regulatory limitations that govern traditional lending institutions such as banks. As a result, we can be flexible in selecting and structuring project finance opportunities.

Project Finance

We define project finance as financing that does not depend on the soundness and creditworthiness of the sponsors, namely, the parties proposing the business idea to launch the project. Approval does not depend on the value of assets sponsors are willing to make available to financiers as collateral. Instead, it is basically a function of the project’s ability to repay the debt contracted and repay capital invested at a rate consistent with the degree of risk interest in the project.

Project finance is the structured financing of a specific economic entity – the SPV, or special purpose vehicle, also known and the project company – created by the sponsors using equity or mezzanine debt and for which the lender considers the cash flows as being the primary source of loan reimbursement, whereas assets represent only collateral.