Our People

Our financial team is led by Michael Megarit with over 25 years of experience.

Mr. Megarit has advised on numerous cross-border engagements and transactions.

We staff our assignments with a team of quality professionals with appropriate industry expertise. We pride ourselves on, and we believe we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being able to offer a relatively high level of attention from senior personnel to our clients and organizing ourselves in such a way that managing directors who are responsible for securing and maintaining client relationships also actively participate in providing related transaction execution services. Our managing directors have significant experience, and many of them are able to use this experience to advise on a wide range of industry and asset categories and corporate finance matters, depending on our clients’ needs. Many of our managing directors and senior advisors come from diverse backgrounds, such as senior executive positions at corporations, government, law and strategic consulting, which we believe enhances our ability to offer sophisticated advice and custom solutions to our clients.

We believe that our senior management and our talented and experienced professionals are the principal reason why we have achieved significant success.

One of our fundamental philosophies as a private firm has been to align our interests, and those of our senior managing directors and other professionals, with the interests of our client’s businesses.